Welcome to the ForeCoast® Marine weekly forecast page. Here you can view the overall viability of typical offshore wind operations at key UK locations, based on the daily weather window availability.

Click on the location markers below to reveal any exceeded weather thresholds.


The weekly forecast is being updated and will return to this page soon


          A viable 6-hour weather window is available for at least 80% of the day

          A viable 6-hour weather window is available for 50%-80% of the day

          A viable 6-hour weather window is available for less than 50% of the day


Operations are assumed to be viable if:

- wave height < 1.5m

- wind speed at 80m < 15m/s  

A viable weather window is a period where the metocean conditions remain within the necessary thresholds for 6 continuous hours.

Weather thresholds that are forecast to be exceeded can be viewed by clicking on the location markers.  For example...

Viability: good

Good viability,

No threshold exceeded

Viabiltiy medium: wind

Medium viability, Wind threshold  exceeded

Viability medium: waves

Medium viability, Wave threshold   exceeded

Viability poor: wind


viability, Wind 



Viability poor: wind waves

Poor viability, Wind & Wave 

thresholds exceeded

This forecast uses publicly available wind and wave projections that are appropriate for an indicative overview only. 


For a bespoke localised forecast, please contact us.