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Installation Modelling Receives Warm Welcome by Floating Offshore Wind Delegates

Susana Torres, Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) Research Engineer, from JBA Consulting's #ForeCoastMarine team was in the US earlier this month presenting at the International Offshore Wind Technical Conference (IOWTC). IOWTC, which was held at the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, draws together members of the scientific community, researchers, academia and the offshore wind engineering industry from around the world.

Left to right: Professor Philipp Thies (University of Exeter/IDCORE supervisor), Nadia Avanessova, Susana Torres, and Anita Leite (IDCORE Research Engineers/University of Edinburgh)

Susana's presentation explored the importance of installation modelling when planning floating offshore wind projects. Drawing on simulations conducted using JBA’s strategic and operational planning tool, ForeCoast Marine, Susana demonstrated the impact that different installation strategies can have on the feasibility of floating offshore wind projects. Examples of the transport and installation strategies explored included:

  • Transport of complete floating structures from manufacturing port to staging port versus modular platforms;

  • Assembly at the staging port with unlimited capacity versus assembly at the staging port with restricted capacity; and

  • Tow-to-site installation versus floating-to-floating installation methods

The modelling highlighted the extent to which the availability of suitable ports and specialized installation vessels could limit the development and construction of large-scale floating offshore wind projects. Floating offshore wind offers huge potential for supporting the global energy transition. However, for this potential to be met, major capital investment in port infrastructure and supply chain development is required.

If you’d like to find out more about Susana’s research or learn how ForeCoast Marine can help de-risk your offshore wind operations, please get in touch at

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