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ForeCoast® Marine launches new offshore wind construction functions

ForeCoast Marine has launched a suite of new simulation features – making it even easier to de-risk your offshore wind projects. The updates offer improved functionality and useability, providing users even greater flexibility when simulating and optimising their strategies and designs. The new features form part of the ForeCoast Marine Design Desk – a long-term planning module, allowing users to plan and optimise projects in a safe, virtual world.

What’s new?

The updates allow users to run an even wider range of construction scenarios. For example, through the creation of a “pre-assembly” work package, users can now simulate the preparation or connection of asset components at a port. Furthermore, the new “post-installation” work package allows the simulation of the completion of asset components at site (for example, turbine commissioning and burying cables). Through this new functionality, users can plan and optimise the construction phase of offshore wind projects with an even greater level of certainty.

The useability of the software has been enhanced through improvements to the software’s navigation flows, adding to the overall user experience and improving the efficiency of simulations. Updates to the licence management functions have also made it even easier for users to collaborate with project partners from inside and outside their organisations.

To find out more about how ForeCoast Marine can help you plan, optimise, and manage your offshore wind farm, or to request a demo, please contact the team today.

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