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ForeCoast® Marine goes global

ForeCoast® Marine has launched a rebrand to better reflect its rapidly expanding global presence and international trade and investment activities. Over the past 12 months, the offshore wind strategic and operational planning software system – developed and owned by JBA Consulting – has gone from strength to strength. Its global reach has grown from the domestic UK and European markets to the Asia-Pacific Region – Japan, Taiwan and South Korea – and beyond.

The ForeCoast® Marine team is currently working with the Department for International Trade and the British Consulate General in Boston, as it develops expansion plans in the USA. Drawing on its track record and the experience gained from the established UK and European markets, the ForeCoast® Marine team is working with wind farm developers to enable them to de-risk their offshore wind farms, maximise their performance and ultimately increase the profitability of their projects.

“The offshore wind industry is booming, with new markets emerging and strengthening across the globe” says Mark Lawless, Director, JBA Consulting. “We have updated our positioning and messaging to support the traction we are experiencing in the international offshore wind market and to better reflect our global ambitions.”

To view the new ForeCoast® Marine website and keep up to date with the services they offer the offshore wind sector, visit:

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