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DIT Innovation in Offshore Wind O&M Seminar

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is holding a seminar on “Innovation in Offshore Wind Observation and Measurement (O&M)” on Wednesday 19Th February in Liverpool City Centre, at the Hilton Hotel.

DIT Innovation in Offshore Wind O&M

Our Metocean Data Analyst, Laurie Wilkinson will be attending the event to network and gain knowledge about the developments in the industry. He will also be showcasing ForeCoast Marine in the breaks, providing a demo on our software’s observation and measurement capabilities.

The seminar will cover the future essentials in offshore wind observation and measurement (O&M) and discuss innovation initiatives that are put in position to benefit impending needs.

Observation and measurement (O&M) teams from the UK’s offshore wind schemes will be present, alongside their counterpart developers from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Included attendees are Parkwind, Otary, Vattenfall, EDF Renouvelables, Shell, EnBW.

What to know more?

For more information on how ForeCoast Marine can help with Offshore Wind Observation and Measurement (O&M) get in touch with Laurie Wilkinson here.

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