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Heather Norton presents at European Climate Change Adaptation conference

Heather Norton, ForeCoast® Marine Software Developer, will be presenting at the biennial European Climate Change Adaptation conference next week. The focus of Heather’s presentation will be the EU funded Copernicus Climate Change Service contract (C3S) and its role in supporting ports in their climate change adaptation planning.

The 4th ECCA builds on past conferences that took place in Hamburg (2013), Copenhagen (2015) and Glasgow (2017), and aims to:

  • Provide a space that facilitates a dialogue among a diverse range of actors from academia, government, business and community on the multiple aspects of climate change adaptation

  • Promote the communication and knowledge exchange between researchers, policymakers and practitioners

  • Find integrated solutions and inspire action

  • Discuss key challenges and solutions in cities

  • Provide a stage for presenting European’s excellence on Research & Innovation for climate change adaptation

  • Inform the next European funding framework for Research & Innovation

The session

Heather will be presenting during the session entitled “The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and its role in supporting climate change adaptation and downstream service development”. The session will introduce the key elements of the C3S service - The Climate Data Store, Toolbox, Sectoral Information System (SIS) and Evaluation and Quality Control (EQC) activities.

Using the case studies developed within the SIS contracts, the session will showcase how C3S users can take advantage of the Copernicus open data policy to access climate data and use the tools and workflows available within the CDS Toolbox to develop tailored climate services.

Heather’s presentation will focus on the C3S Coastal Service, in which wave and hydro data sets support adaptation along the European coastline. As an example, she will explore how ForeCoast® Marine is used to assess the impact of climate change on port operations, and how this can be shaped into a climate adaptation service for ports and harbours using C3S data.


Wednesday 29 May at 11:15 in Room SP021.


You can register for the event on the event website.

Further information

For further information on our involvement in the C3S contract, please visit our Climate Adaptation page or email Heather.

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