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Laurie Wilkinson presents at WindEurope 2019

Laurie Wilkinson, Metocean Analyst, is presenting a poster at the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition in Bilbao this week. 300 exhibitors from 50 countries will join a top line-up of speakers in the conference, including Ministers from 5 different countries.

The theme for the event is: Delivering a clean economy for all Europeans. Key themes include:

  • The people who work in our industry: are there enough of them, are the right skills out there, how can we best support what we hope will be a growing workforce?

  • The citizens of Europe and wind: how to maintain their continued support for the expansion of wind; how wind benefits local communities; how wind will reduce consumer bills; and

  • How wind can help deliver a “just” energy transition for all regions of Europe: including coal regions and regions dependent on energy-intensive industries.

Laurie’s poster presentation showcases how JBA Consulting has configured ForeCoast® Marine to assist with offshore wind strategy optimisation, and how under the auspices of the EU Copernicus CS3 contract we have used the technology to investigate the impact of climate change on operations at a typical and hypothetical offshore wind farm.

Want to know more?

Email Martin Williams for more information on our involvement in the CS3. You can also find out more on our work in this area on our Climate Adaptations web page.

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