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Martin Williams presents at Sustainable Ports Summit

Technical Director, Martin Williams, is heading to Copenhagen this week to present at the Sustainable Ports Summit on Friday 22 March. The summit will explore how ports are helping to make sustainable shipping a reality.

Key topics

Discussion highlights will include:

- the World Ports Sustainability Programme

- climate change preparedness

- port infrastructure for a multi-fuel future

- logistics and planning for energy efficiency, and

- financing tools to speed the transition to green ports.

The presentation

Martin's presentation, entitled: "Climate Change Preparedness", will examine the role that operational simulation software plays in climate resilience planning. To illustrate, Martin will describe a case study, conducted under the EU funded Copernicus Climate Data Service contract (C3S), in which the results of simulating shipping operations at the Port of Tyne (UK) under a range of climate projection scenarios will provide the basis for the port’s climate resilience strategy.

Want to know more?

Email Martin Williams for more information on our involvement in the Sustainable Ports Summit and CS3. You can also find out more on our work in this area on our Climate Adaptation web page.

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