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ForeCoast Marine in Berlin for the Copernicus General Assembly

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) provides freely-available data on the past, present and future climate of Europe. The service, funded by the European Union (EU), is being developed through a number of contracts, each with the aim of demonstrating the practical applications of the climate data in a variety of sectors.

JBA are part of a consortium, led by Deltares, investigating the potential impacts of climate change on European coastal communities and industries. The case studies range from flood risk in the cities of Venice and Dublin to the operation of ports and offshore wind farms. The aim is to provide data, analysis and tools to support stakeholders in considering how conditions such as winds, waves and sea levels affect their activities and how these effects may change in a future climate.


This week the C3S General Assembly is taking place in Berlin. On Monday, representatives from the coastal contract consortium gathered in a side meeting to discuss progress.

Representatives from the consortium include:

  • Stichting Deltares (Netherlands)

  • JBA Consulting (UK)

  • Danish Meteorological Institute (Denmark)

  • National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (Italy)

  • University College Cork (Ireland).

At the meeting each company presented recent developments in their case studies. It was a good opportunity to hear about and discuss the data and impact indicators being produced.

The coastal contract also includes the development of web-based functionality to enable users of the C3S system to visualise and interact with the results of each case study. JBA presented the work that has been carried out on the development of applications which are being produced using the Copernicus Climate Data Store toolbox. There were discussions around how best to present the data through the web applications to help stakeholders engage with climate impacts in their area of interest.

The Berlin meeting was a useful exchange of news and ideas, enabling the different aspects of the contract to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the wider team.

Want to know more?

Email the ForeCoast® Marine team to find out more about this project and how we can work together in the future.

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