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ForeCoast® Marine teams up with the Carbon Trust to host offshore wind workshop

We have teamed up with the Carbon Trust to host a workshop on 23 May in London, aimed at disseminating the findings of an innovative new service to assess the impact of current and future metocean conditions on offshore wind operations.

The service, which is funded by the EU as part of the Copernicus Climate Change C3S contract will produce new:

  • Datasets for current and future metocean conditions

  • Simulation technology to evaluate the impact of metocean conditions on your operations

  • Tools to explore strategies to increase efficiency and to mitigate metocean impacts now and in the future

Why attend?

  • Gain insight into the potential impacts of metocean conditions on operations, now and in the future

  • Help shape the development of models and tools to maximise their benefit to you

Further details on our involvement in the contract can be found here.

Workshop registration and event details

The free to attend workshop will be held at 15Hatfield, London on 23 May.

For further details on the event, see our event flyer here.

To register for the event, please visit our registration page here.

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