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Blog: Martin Williams - The future of our Marine and Coastal Risk Management

I am delighted to be writing this post as the newly appointed Technical Director for JBA Consulting’s Marine and Coastal Risk Management team. I have been brought into the team to help commercialise and grow JBA’s offshore business, with a focus on its proprietary metocean risk management software ForeCoast® Marine.

Source: Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

To get the ball rolling, I spent last week with my new Marine and Coastal Risk Management colleagues in Skipton, getting up to speed on the impressive variety of work they are involved in. The specialist team of scientists, modellers and engineers work to reduce weather and flood related risks across the UK and internationally. They provide unique and innovative ‘conception to completion’ coastal and maritime engineering design services and help marine operators minimise risks using a sophisticated array of metocean forecasting and planning tools.

The range of projects is impressive: hurricane modelling in Australia and the Caribbean; Coastal flood risk mitigation using mangroves in Suriname; optimisation of offshore wind operations in UK and European waters; climate change scenario modelling for marine industries, to name just a few.

As I return to my home office on the Isle of Wight I reflect on the expertise we have at our fingertips and the opportunities that the coastal and marine industries offer. My thoughts for the year ahead are full of optimism: new business directions, innovations and markets. It’s an exciting prospect and with 20+ years in the offshore world, I’m raring to go and look forward to meeting you as the team and I take JBA’s aspirations further offshore!

Want to know more?

Email Martin Williams or visit JBA's Marine and Coastal Risk Management web pages for more information.

To find out how we can also help you minimise your metocean weather risks, please contact us for a free demonstration of ForeCoast® Marine.

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