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ForeCoast® Marine wins at NCE TechFest Awards

ForeCoast® Marine won the "Best use of Technology: Driving Efficiency" at last night’s NCE TechFest awards ceremony. JBA Consulting also won the "Designer of the Year" category and was shortlisted for four categories in total at the event, which showcased the best technology-led innovations that are driving civil engineering forward.

Marc Pinnell, JBA Consulting Managing Director, commented, “These NCE TechFest awards are a fantastic achievement for all involved. Our success in the mentioned categories stems from our core business themes of innovation, technology and development. They also reinforce our fantastic position in the previous NCE 100 Companies ranking.”

In June, JBA was ranked 6th out of 100 UK and International engineering companies in the NCE100 Companies of the Year Awards.

JBA's TechFest shortlisted entries

The ‘Best Use of Technology: Driving Efficiency’ was focused on ForeCoast® Marine, in recognition of the huge cost savings and improvements in health and safety practices that the system is realising for marine energy construction projects.

Mark Lawless, JBA Consulting Director for Business Innovation, commented, “We are very pleased to have won the ‘Best Use of Technology: Driving Efficiency’ award. ForeCoast® has raised the bar in terms of exemplar risk management on marine engineering projects and this award provides valued recognition of the hard work and dedication applied to the project by our team and project partners.”

JBA's second successful award win came from the ‘Designer of the Year’ category on the basis of our unique culture of innovation, that we have created within the company, and the way that we are driving change in the civil engineering sector.

Rob Berry, Head of Technology, said, “We are very pleased to have won the ‘Designer of the Year’ award. Since our inception, innovation and the drive to use new digital technologies to create better, more integrated and more efficient solutions has been at our core. To have this commitment recognised by the wider construction industry is a great honour.”

JBA was also nominated for the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award as well as the ‘Innovation of the Year: Big Data’ award for JFlow®, JBA's software package for simulating flood risks. JFlow®, covers anything from local to continental scales including river, surface water, coastal and dam break floods.

Want to know more?

Contact Mark Lawless for more information on our award submissions and the projects highlighted within these. You can also find out more about the many different software and technologies that JBA develops on their website.

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