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Ben Hudson presents at the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference

The 2017 edition of the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) is taking place at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland between the 27 August and 2 September. It’s the 12th instalment of the biennial conference series and the largest since its inception in 1993, with over 500 delegates attending from 25 different countries and 366 papers set for publication and presentation.

These international, technical and scientific conferences focus on wave and tidal energy conversion. They are widely respected for their commitment to maintain high standards in the quality of academic and industrial contributions to their proceedings. The conference provides attendees with a perfect forum for knowledge transfer and debate at the cutting edge of marine renewable energy technology.


This year, our resident IDCORE researchers, Ben Hudson and Edward Kay, have written a paper that has been accepted for presentation at UCC. The paper is entitled “Advanced Metocean Planning Tools for the Wave and Tidal Energy Sectors” and is co-authored by Ben and Ed’s industrial and academic supervisors; Mark Lawless, Director at JBA and Prof Tom Bruce of the University of Edinburgh.

An honourable mention must also go to Ben and Ed’s team leader, Richard Lines, as well as IDCORE alumnus and ForeCoast® team member Laurie Wilkinson, whose help was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

ForeCoast® Marine

The paper describes the technical methods that are integrated within our metocean planning tool ForeCoast® Marine, and provides a succinct scientific summary of the work that Ben and Ed have completed in the first two years of their placement with us.

It includes chapters on the development of the software; a successful validation study incorporating data from a large offshore construction project in Europe; a comparison of the developed simulation model and standard downtime estimation methods, and a detailed case study, based at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), that demonstrates the wide-ranging capabilities of the software.

Ben is attending the conference, which is taking place in his home-town and at his alma-mater. He is presenting the findings of the paper at the Operations & Maintenance Stream on Thursday 31st August at 10:45. He has said that he will try his best to ignore the feeling of being a slight imposter when presenting in a lecture theatre where he was studying Mechanics for Engineers 1 not so long ago (in his mind at least!).

Want to know more?

Contact Ben Hudson to find out more about his research paper. You can also visit our Marine and Coastal Risk Management page for more information on our work in this area.

Visit the EWTEC website or conference app (search EWTEC-2017) for more information on the conference programme.

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