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Meet the Team: Ruth Preater, Software Developer

Why did you join JBA Consulting and the ForeCoast® Marine team?

With a maths degree and an interest in geography, getting a job as a software developer at JBA Consulting was ideal! I joined the ForeCoast® Marine team as lead developer near the beginning of the first pilot project.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with respect to ForeCoast® Marine?

I am the lead software developer for ForeCoast® Marine. So I am responsible for writing the code and designing the data structures for the web and data processing components of the system.

What do you believe are the greatest challenges to marine operators?

The marine environment is new to me but I’m learning lots as I work closely with other members of the ForeCoast® Marine team. One challenge which stands out is the need to balance and optimise efficiency, costs and safety.

Why do you enjoy working in the marine sector?

I am enjoying working with people across different disciplines and organisations. It is exciting to know that together we are developing ForeCoast® Marine as a solution to real-life challenges in the marine sector.

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