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Meet the Team: Susannah Brown, Business Innovation Strategist

Why did you join JBA Consulting and the ForeCoast® Marine team?

I joined JBA in 2013 when the Company was looking to expand into marine renewables. Having 10 years experience in renewables and business development, and being attracted by the Company's technical capabilities and drive to innovate, it seemed the perfect match! Within months of conducting a business innovation review for JBA, ForeCoast® Marine was born.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with respect to ForeCoast® Marine?

My main responsibilities include: client engagement, market intelligence, product exploitation planning and implementation.

What do you believe are the greatest challenges to marine operators?

I believe that regulatory uncertainty is one of the greatest challenge facing marine operators, especially for those working within the marine renewables and offshore wind space.

Why do you enjoy working in the marine sector?

The marine environment is harsh and complex. Therefore, the solutions developed to service the marine sector must be robust, dynamic and highly sophisticated. As a result, my role as Business Innovation Strategist is challenging, fresh and full of new ideas!

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