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Meet the Team: Mark Lawless, Director

Why did you join JBA Consulting and the ForeCoast® Marine team?

I joined JBA in 2003 (following completion of my PhD) because I wanted to work in the commercial sector, but I also wanted to remain a scientist. It was JBA’s reputation for blending cutting edge science and commercial consultancy that attracted me. Innovation is in the bones of JBA, and I found this very exciting.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with respect to ForeCoast® Marine?

I am responsible for the overall commercial, technical and legal aspects of ForeCoast® Marine. I manage an incredible team of highly intelligent, passionate and driven individuals that surprise me every day

What do you believe are the greatest challenges to marine operators?

Confidence. Government commitments wobble, investor confidence wobbles, and offshore energy projects chop and change ownership all the time. All of these things impede progress but are a natural part of the commercialisation of new sectors. While we have new wobbles every day, confidence is growing and we will get there. It just might remain a rollercoaster ride for a little while longer.

Why do you enjoy working in the marine sector?

In a word – it’s cool! Let’s face it, big boats, spinning turbines, helicopters, jack-up barges, crew transfer vessels, and inclement weather are all very cool things!

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