Meet the Team: Richard Lines, Senior Metocean Analyst

Why did you join JBA Consulting and the ForeCoast® Marine team?

I was attracted by the opportunity to shape my role within the Company, to develop new technologies and gain new knowledge.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with respect to ForeCoast® Marine?

The day to day management and execution of commercial studies and the technological development of ForeCoast Marine®.

What do you believe are the greatest challenges to marine operators?

Achieving an understanding of what the assets at their disposal can really do for them, within their local environment.

Why do you enjoy working in the marine sector?

The seas and oceans are ingrained into our past but also represent our future, more now than ever before. I believe that marine energy and transportation will be key areas of expansion in our lifetimes and have the potential to maintain economic growth and outlook, with minimal cost to the environment (our one true asset). What greater calling?!

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