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NEC100 Awards: Innovation

On the 11th of May we were awarded Technology Champion at the New Civil Engineers 100 Companies of the Year ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. We also came a fantastic 9th out of 100 UK & International engineering companies and were shortlisted for the International Impact and Talent Champion awards.

The commendation for Technology Champion included recognition of our “application of technology across all aspects of our business and investment and a commitment disproportionate to the size of our business". We were also praised for the manner in which our technology, innovation and R&D is itself challenging and changing the sectors that we work in. Particular elements of our work commended were our efforts in:

  • Use of emerging digital technology;

  • Super-fast computing;

  • Gamification technology;

  • Field based asset data collection, and;

  • Use of advanced mobile technology

Winning the Technology Champion award, amongst such prestigious competition, was tremendously rewarding. Innovation is in our core. It’s what drives us. It’s what makes us different. To win this award was a validation of the tremendous effort and intelligence (and blood, sweat and tears) that our staff devote to making things work that shouldn’t work, to doing things that others haven’t done, and for creating ideas that stimulate change and make things better.

Winning this award will drive us even more. We already have (probably too many) new ideas and new innovations and technology in the making, and we look forward to making them happen. And who knows, maybe we can win again!

For further information, contact Mark Lawless, Director of Business Innovation

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