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IDCORE Company Days

2016 began with a trip up to Edinburgh for the IDCORE Company Days. The main goal of these two days was to find a company and project for everyone in the new IDCORE cohort. I imagine that our first-year colleagues will have found out by now where they will spend the next three years – I really hope that everyone is happy with their placements!

Thankfully, the Company Days were far less stressful this time around for myself, Ed and everyone else from the older cohorts. Our task was to present a poster describing the progress of our project to date. The open invitation to experts from both academia and industry meant that we all received invaluable feedback on our research. The visit to Edinburgh also provided an excellent opportunity to catch up with academic supervisors.

We returned to Skipton the following Monday and jumped straight back into work on ForeCoast® Marine, with a strong focus on web-site development and optimisation. Ed and I are thoroughly enjoying our first forays into web development.

I’m looking forward to returning to Edinburgh at the end of February to attend the International Conference on Ocean Energy, as well as the first ever IDCORE Symposium. Keep an eye out for a blog update on this in late February!

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