Mission Planner

Design, schedule and track live missions 

An advanced metocean forecasting and decision support tool. 

By combining metocean forecast data with information on planned operations, the Mission Planner informs intelligent scheduling; providing you with information on the best timing and sequence of operations to minimise safety risks, fuel consumption, operational duration and weather downtime. 

The Mission Planner is a web-based, cross-platform application.  It is designed for use on PCs, tablets and smartphones, meaning that it can be used in the office, in the field or at sea.  


View weather forecasts, wave buoy and operational data in one platform. 


Schedule operations to minimise weather impacts in just a few clicks, on your PC, tablet or mobile.


Track and manage missions through time. Anticipate risks, react, mitigate. 



The Mission Planner is fully integrated into SeaPlanner™, SeaRoc Group's marine management system, providing enhanced tools for planning works offshore.

The software features a range of tools for ensuring the safety of personnel and the efficient running of the project, including:

  • inductions

  • certification management

  • personnel and asset tracking

  • manifesting

  • access control

  • RAMS and Permit to Work functionality.

Through the integration of ForeCoast® Marine, the SeaPlanner system now provides a cutting-edge metocean risk management feature for accessing and viewing metocean data from various sources. It optimises the timing and sequencing of operations to minimise weather downtime, for quantifying the knock-on effects of metocean delays, and for generating simple and informative reports that can be shared with the supply chain in just a few clicks.

Not only can clients effectively manage their transfer plans with vessel availability, records of tasks to be carried out and availability of trained personnel, but with the ForeCoast® Marine integration it is now possible to include availability of weather and metocean windows for the transits to take place – potentially saving thousands and ensuring operational optimisation at all times. 

Steve Pears, Managing Director, SeaRoc Group


Sea the future

Access multiple metocean forecasts across the footprints of your opeations

Access multiple metocean forecasts across the footprint of your operations to help you plan upcoming missions and identify weather and tidal windows.  View data from wave buoys and weather stations. Using our Forecast Health Check, access daily reports on the accuracy of the forecasts, helping you to make better decisions.

Optimise mission plans

Optimis misson plans

Upload mission plans on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. The Mission Planner then computes the expected performance (e.g. duration, cost, fuel) of the mission based on a detailed breakdown of all mission components and associated metocean tolerances.  It also tells you how to best time and sequence operations to optimise performance. 

Track missions through time

Track missions through time

Once a mission has commenced, the Mission Planner tracks the mission through time. If at any time the Mission Planner detects that the mission has come into jeopardy, due to a change in metocean conditions, warnings are issued by email and/or by SMS texts. You can set anyone up to receive these alerts, including your contractors. 

At a glance

View daily, generalised outlooks of the viability of operations for the coming days

View daily, generalised outlooks of the viability of operations for the coming days. Simply tell the system what your metocean tolerances and it regularly updates you about what the upcoming weather means for you.  You can also set thresholds for the system to send you weather alerts via email or SMS text, helping you be more proactive about weather risk management.