Gamer Mode

The Gamer Mode is advanced computer software used to simulate marine construction, port and/or O&M operations in a virtual world.

It represents, in detail all of the operations that are required, their interdependencies, and associated metocean affects (e.g. weather downtime). 

It does this by simulating how the operations would have “played out” if it they been undertaken last year, or the year before, or over many historical years.  These “gaming” simulations  - so called because they are executed in a virtual, game like manner - are done by using historical metocean data (from hindcast models or observations) and algorithms to represent the operations, their costs, and their dependencies on weather and sea-state conditions. 

By running many hundreds or thousands of simulations, the Gamer Mode produces a robust statistical evidence base upon which to inform decision making.

Find out how the Gamer Mode is being used to optimise logistics and mitigate weather downtime in the ports, marine construction and offshore O&M world.