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ForeCoast Marine: Offshore wind farm
Design desk: Plan and optimise your offshire wind project in a safe, virtual environment

Design desk

Plan and optimise your offshore wind project in a safe, virtual environment.

Strategic planning software

The Design desk allows you to test and optimise designs and strategies throughout the lifetime of your offshore wind farm.

How we can help you


The Design desk simulates complex offshore wind projects, in a virtual world, representing all of the phases and operations. 

Through these simulations, the performance of proposed designs and operational strategies can be compared quickly and reliably. 


Key performace metrics:

  • CAPEX and OPEX

  • Programme

  • Weather / technical / logistical downtime

  • Carbon emissions

Test and optimise construction and O&M strategies

The system can then be used to test different strategies and how they will influence performance, for example, by making changes to:

  • Field location and layout

  • Vessel type and quantity

  • Seasonal working windows

  • Port locations

  • Turbine types (e.g. fixed or floating).

This allows for multiple, alternative strategies to be tested - quickly and reliably - before committing resources and avoiding the risk and cost of later changes being made.

ForeCoast Marine Design Desk: test and optimise construction and O&M strategies
Cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit analysis

Compare the cost-benefit of a multitude of complex scenarios efficiently and robustly, saving you time and money.

Forecast construction and O&M budgets 

Reduce the margin of error, use our data led approach to accurately and rapidly forecast your budgets.

Forecast construction and O&M budgets
Demonstrate best practice

Demonstrate best practice

To the team, the Board and financiers.

Verify working strategies and project decisions.

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