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ForeCoast Marine: offshore wind farm
Control desk: manage your live offshore wind operations

Control desk

Manage your live operations

Operational planning software

Schedule and manage the day-to-day operations of your offshore wind project using our advanced decision support software. 

How we can help you

Forecast and monitor programmes

Predict programme slippages months in advance. Continually monitor installation progress.  

ForeCoast Marine Control desk: Forecast and monitor programmes
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Demonstrate due diligence

Keep the team, the Board and investors informed.  Demonstrate progress with robust, data-driven evidence.


Test solutions to problems

Design, simulate and test mitigation strategies for emerging problems, improving change management and keeping programmes on track.

Test multiple and differing strategies quickly, safely and reliably.

Optimise daily schedules 

Considering metocean forecasts, logistical constraints, personnel and vessel availability. 

ForeCoast Marine Control desk: optimise daily schedules
ForeCoast Marine Control desk: Optimise daily routing

Using advanced algorithms to maximise what you get done, and minimise cost and fuel. 

Optimise daily routing

Establish and manage construction and O&M budgets 

Quickly and reliably track budgets throughout the project.  Mitigate against emerging issues before costs are incurred.

ForeCoast Marine: establish and manage O&M budgets
ForeCoast Marine: View multiple data sources in one integrated platform

View multiple data sources in one integrated platform

View weather forecasts, wave buoy and operational data in one platform, allowing more efficient, informed decisions to be made.

Avoid costly mistakes that can arise from manual data merges.

Minimise carbon emissions throughout the project

Reduce vessel days and emissions through the optimisation of asset and vessel strategies.

ForeCoast Marine: Minimise carbon emissions throughout the project
ForeCoast Marine: web-based


Everything computes in the cloud, so you can access it on your PC or mobile device - from the office, the train, the quayside, or even a boat. Wherever you go, it comes with you. 

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