Case study: Bibby Marine Services, WaveMaster 1


Bibby Marine Services Limited (BMS) is part of Bibby Line Group.  Its vision is to provide safe, reliable, cost effective access and service solutions to the offshore industry.  Central to this vision is their WaveMaster 1 (WM1) vessel, the first in its series of next generation Service Operations Vessels, which serves the marine needs of offshore wind farm operators. 



BMS approached ForeCoast® Marine in 2018, a few months after taking delivery of the Bibby WM1 service operation vessel (SOV).  The custom-designed SOV is central to the services that BMS offers to the offshore wind sector, allowing offshore wind operators to work more efficiently and safely, for periods of up to 30 days at a time.  With technicians on standby in the field 24/7, operators can act immediately to rectify expensive outages. 

Given the level of investment that was required by BMS to acquire the vessel, and the central role that it will play in the delivery of its services, BMS is keen to demonstrate to its clients the added benefits that the vessel will bring, in relation to safety, reliability and cost.


With this challenge in mind, their goals for ForeCoast® Marine were clear. It needed to:

  • Provide an evidence base to help demonstrate to clients the performance of the WM1 for different contract types and in different metocean environments

  • To support the evaluation of contract costs and programmes in a sophisticated manner consistent with high levels of due diligence

  • Demonstrate the cost and time benefit of the WM1 when compared to other SOVs

  • Demonstrate the additional cost effectiveness that could be achieved by “upskilling” the vessel to launch a variety of services.



Work with BMS is underway where we are building a Gamer Mode model to represent the performance of the BWM1.  The Gamer Mode is essentially virtual world technology that can be used to simulate the construction or maintenance of a wind farm under different vessel and operational strategies, accounting for the way in which each strategy would be affected by metocean conditions.  By running simulations of different strategies, the technology can be used to demonstrate which strategies are the most effective given a particular geography and operational needs.


We are delighted to be working with JBA on this project and the benefits of this are clear to us.  Operating in the marine environment is costly, complex and uncertain.  We are confident that our Wave Master vessel holds good value for our clients and we are committed to demonstrating this value through the using the most advanced and powerful approaches available.  We are confident that our work with JBA will achieve this objective and ultimately bring value to our clients.  


Stephen Bolton, Managing Director, Bibby Marine Services Ltd

In this work we are:

  • Simulating how the BWM1 performs under different contract types and in different metocean environments, considering factors such as tidal currents, wind and wave conditions. 

  • Helping BMS, and its clients, to understand the conditions under which the BWM1 is superior to other vessels. 

  • Working with BMS to consider how the Wave Master vessel could act a service vessel for other services, such as surveys, drones, AUV operations, etc.

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